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The Book

Are your hopes big enough?  Often the difference between our expectation of Christian life and the hope that God offers would shock us.  In his book, Dr. Tim McKitrick invites readers to take a second look at the hope of the Christian faith by exploring the glory of God, his empowerment, and our incredible inheritance in Christ. Christ died, not only to save our souls, but to provide “everything we need for life and godliness.”

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The Seminar

Tim’s seminars are all about creating an opportunity for people to understand God’s glory, which is a starting point for people to meet with God.  Generally taking place over a weekend, the 5 sessions are designed to combine the biblical background of the glory, personal testimony, and ministry time in a way that allows attendees to comprehend the presence of God both biblically and experientially.

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The Blog

Almost thirty years ago now, I had an experience that totally changed how I viewed my life, God and everything else. After years of disappointment, frustration, and hunger to find purpose in my life, I was encouraged by friends to visit their church. What I discovered that night changed everything.  I had a very real encounter with the presence of God.

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What People Are Saying

Tim recently shared his seminar our church.  To say that it was powerful would be an understatement.  I highly recommend Tim to any church or group that is truly serious about living in the power of God.
Brian Sharp – Pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship, Poplar Bluff, MO
I currently have the privilege of being Tim’s pastor at his home church. Tim’s passion for the presence of God and his desire for everyone to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit were evident from my first conversations with him.  Tim’s practical insight and scholarly research on the Holy Spirit have been embraced by our congregation.  He has shared at our church in large and small group settings and I continue to get positive feedback from his teaching.

If you are looking to revive a spark in your congregation for the work of the Holy Spirit or if you are simply wanting to fan the flames, Tim would be a great resource for you to create an environment to experience the work of the Holy Spirit.

Ron Woods – The Assembly in Broken Arrow
I don’t know if I was ever challenged to seek the glory of God by any writing such as this one. The author has wound his testimony around his exegesis of the scriptures dealing with the glory of God in a most refreshing way. The reader will profit from reading it. I know I did.
Charles Rogers – Executive Director, World Ministry Fellowship, Plano, TX

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